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What's Your Green Dot?

A Green Dot is any action that reduces the risk of violence in the moment, supports survivors or creates a culture less tolerant of violence. A Green Dot is your individual choice to make our university safer.


If you do your small part, and others do their small part, we can all make a difference in preventing power-based personal violence at U of T.



                                         STUDENT FOCUS GROUPS: Violence Prevention & Campus Safety

                                         Share your ideas on a campus campaign & get a $20 gift card.




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It’s Easier Than You Think

                                       a poem by Cheryl C.



Possible Green Dots at U of T

Spill a drink if you think it may have been drugged. 

Change your email signature line to include the statement “Proud to be a GREEN DOT supporter” with a link to this page.

If you see someone at a party who looks like they are in trouble, ask if they are okay.